Boutique Hotel

Donostia. San Sebastian

Boutique Hotel

Donostia. San Sebastian

Boutique Hotel

Donostia. San Sebastian

The House

Mendi Argia, or “Illuminated Mountain” as its Basque name, conveys the many sensations aroused by this house on the hill.

Dating back to the early 20th century, the villa, perched on the slopes of Mount Ulia offers one of a kind vantage point, with spectacular views of San Sebastian below. A family project of two brothers from Gernika with a strong personal and cultural roots in the city, their desire is to offer more than just a home to their guests.

The house that had been left to ruin for many years has been brought back to life by Openhouse Studio. An old Basque pelota court lies hidden amid the branches of the garden; the old wooden staircase, the stone of the manor in its arches, the use of noble and humble materials create serenity and calm under a roof over a hundred years old, a space has been created for a contemplation for its views, nature and contemporary representation.

In the living room, light filters in through a glass door, playing hide and seek with the round mirror that takes pride of place. “Big Round” art piece by Sabine Marcellis and Brit Van Nerven, welcomes visitors on their arrival, with a magical interplay of light, even when the sun’s rays have not yet quite reached it.


The water had gone cold and my fingertips were furrowed with tiny wrinkles. Even so, I lingered in the bathtub at the foot of the bed, gazing at the endless myriad of colours: orange, pink and blue hues that glanced the walls.

It had been an amazing day, visiting the exhibition by Vivian Maier at Tabakalera, San Telmo Museum, a stroll through Cristina Enea Park and pintxos (local bar snacks) in “Lo viejo”, as the people of San Sebastian call the city’s oldest quarter.

San Sebastian had seduced me in multiple different ways since the day I arrived, from the small hexagons that pattern its pavements and the now iconic lampposts of La Zurriola bridge to La Concha seafront promenade. Its elegance struck me, even on rainy days when Eduardo Chillida’s three sculptures, El Peine de los Vientos, dare to pit themselves against the roaring sea.

The temperature was perfect and so there was no need for a towel. I donned my silk robe and went out onto the balcony. I couldn’t bear to miss the last red glint of sunlight, the reflections on Kursaal Congress Centre’s glass façade or Mount Igeldo’s steaming splendour across the other side of San Sebastian.

I felt powerful, as if I were in a Middle Age fortress. Mount Ulia, which had served for centuries as a look-out post for whales to hunt, now had a new lighthouse, Mendi Argia: a luminous retreat that had guided me on my visit to the city, helping me to understand San Sebastian in both its simplicity and its complexity.

Following the winding lines of the road we arrive at the Ulia Natural Park, a forest of oaks, beech and holm oaks, whose path delight us with the impressive views of the coast over the Gros beach and San Sebastian bay, just 5 minuts from our fort. A gastronomic environment for lovers of good cuisine, such as Arzak, Mirador de Ulia or Saltxipi are another great reason to enjoy this place.

The Rooms

Suit Ulia

Suit Ulia has 35 square meters with an interior balcony. The room has a bathtub where you can enjoy a beautiful views of San Sebastián. It has a glassed-in bathroom towards the room with an extra wide sitting terrace where you can see the sunset. This suit accommodates two adults.

Suit Ulia Familiar

Suit Ulia Familiar has 45 square meters. You will enjoy nice views to the swimming pool and the city. It has a glassed-in bathroom towards the room, a sitting area and also a sofa-bed. This suit accommodates two adults and two children.

Suit Ulia Romántica

Suit Ulia Romántica has 30 square meters with a chimney and japanese bath in black marble. You will enjoy nice views towards to the mountain from the private terrace. This suit accommodates two adults.

Suit Ulia Pool View

Suit Ulia Pool view has 30 square meters located on the ground floor, with direct access to both the lobby and the pool. It has a small private terrace. This suit accommodates two adults.

Wine tastings and wine packs

Together with Curdelon, we offer our guest the experience of having a private tasting at the hotel facilities, and discovering the different emotions and sensations that a glass of wine can transmit.

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